About Sunnerbogården

Until June 2018, Sunnerbogården has been run by EFS, a Christian movement, and has for decades been used as a campsite and estate for EFS. The campsite has also been hired out to other parishes for camps and confirmation both nationally and internationally. The current owners have been involved in several camps on the campsite and also work a summer in the kitchen.

The campsite was sold June 2018 to the current owners with the ambition to run the campsite further as a Christian campsite aimed at children and adolescents but also open up to a wider audience. The campsite is now privately owned and open to all Christian parishes but also for associations, organizations, and individuals who want to rent.

The campsite is used with advantage to larger collections with or without overnight stays but is ideal for camp and Kolloverksamhet and can accommodate up to 81 sleeping guests in several rooms. We offer self-catering accommodation with an opportunity for catering as agreed. The campsite is also suitable for the family party or why not a weekend for the association or the class with an overnight stay.

We will develop the business in close cooperation with our guests and will, therefore, be responsive to your wishes. We get Better Together with you, so please let us know your wishes.


We will be competitive in our prices and have the following price list for 2019. Reservations made under 2019 for 2020 receive the following rates. We can also accommodate some caravans and mobile homes and offer electrical power. Call for prices. Prices depend on the no of persons per day.

  • 0-2 years free
  • 3-12 years from 14-17 EUR/PP/day*
  • 13- years from 17-22 EUR/PP/day*
  • Minimum debt per day: 500 EUR (high season)
  • Do you want to rent over the day? Call and we will agree about this price.

* The prices depend on how many people book and for how long.

Catering or other requests

We can offer catering through partners. This applies to breakfast, coffee, lunch and dinner for an additional fee. Call or email us for information and price.


Guests are responsible for cleaning the campsite and putting back all materials in place on the campsite. It is possible to pay for the final cleaning in some cases and according to the current price list:

  • Cottage 70 EUR/cottage (there are four cottages)
  • Main Building 250 EUR
  • The stable 60 EUR
  • All buildings 550 EUR (40 EUR discount)

NOTE: This must be agreed at the time of booking!


The campsite is not rented out to organizations, associations or individuals with xenophobic signs. We believe in openness and humanity.


Since 2018, Sunnerbogården is privately owned as a Christian camp for children and adolescents.

We strongly believe in the need for this type of campsites for children and adolescents where you can easily and cheaply meet and have a fun time together.

Campsites are unfortunately sold today when churches and communities have difficulty finding non-profit forces needed to run a campsite. When EFS would sell Sunnerbogården, we thought that it is well in Sweden to receive camps from other countries and in a peaceful environment with lovely areas for activities.  Do you have tips and thoughts that you want to share? Please email us at info@sunnerbogarden.se

Welcome to us!